What’s the Point of Racism?

There are not many things that make me angry, but I just can’t abide racism. You would think in this day and age, people would be smart enough to realise that just because someone has a different coloured skin or was born in a different country, it does not make them ‘different’ or ‘inferior’. The crowning of Nina Davuluri as the new Miss America, has bought all of these brain dead morons out of the woodwork, and sadly the social networks have given them a platform to spout their foul rhetoric.

This should have been one of the happiest moments of her life, but the twenty four year old beauty queen quickly became the target of a barrage of abuse. Just minutes after she won the title, racist comments started appearing on both Twitter and Facebook, with users accusing her of not being American and looking like a terrorist. These small minded keyboard warriors are so stupid, they did not even take the time to even try and get their facts right, and if they had of done, they would have seen she was actually born in Syracuse, New York.

Racist abuse on Twitter

Racists on Twitter

I really cannot comprehend how people can be racist, it’s like saying “Okay I hate you because you have green eyes” or “you must be evil because you were born in the next town” it just does not make sense and there is no rationale for it. The funny thing is these people that hate darker skin, are the same people that will spend hours lying on a beach, or spend a small fortune in the tanning salon, just because they want to be golden brown; Is that ironic or moronic? I’ll let you decide that one for yourself!

Miss Davuluri is going to use the $50,000 prize money to fund her dreams of going to medical school. I do wonder how these racists would react if their loved ones needed treatment in the future. Would they walk away and let their child die, just because the doctor does not have blonde hair and blue eyes, and talks with an American accent? I very much doubt it. What if they were in an accident themselves and needed a blood transfusion? Would they insist it come from a white arm? I think you will find their views would soon go out of the window!

The sad thing is, this is not just an American problem, there are racists and bigots in all cultures. There is not a day goes by where we don’t see race hate crimes in the press, on regional, national and international levels, whether it is another kid being stabbed in the street or vile chemical attacks on towns and cities. Our only saving grace, is the fact that for every one of these idiots, there are a hundred people willing to embrace other cultures and the amazing diversity of our little blue planet.


2 thoughts on “What’s the Point of Racism?

  1. This is really saddening. I hate racism. In fact, on my bus yesterday there was a boy who was the loudest kid on the bus. Every friggin schoolbus load of kids has one really loud one. Anyway, he was spouting racist shit about Asians. There were at least eight Asian students on the bus and a few Indian ones, who are also known as Asians in England… I have been trying to let our customer service people know so we can get someone out to the bus today to give him a bit of a stern talking to. It really makes my skin crawl! Many people are ignorant.

    • That’s terrible, there are enough problems in this world without us turning on each other just because of the colour of our skin or the culture we come from; Well done for doing something about it 🙂

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