Tesco Launch a Tablet

You might associate the name of Tesco with pints of milk and loaves of bread, but this week they have entered the extremely competitive tablet market. Before you dismiss it out of hand though, you should know it’s actually rather good. The Hudl is a seven inch device with 16GB of memory, and comes in choice of four colours; Black, Blue, Purple and Red, guaranteeing it is going to appeal to the kids, and comes in at pocket friendly £119.99, making it an ideal Christmas present.

Even though it comes from the supermarket chain, it has a quality feel about it, even down to the packaging. Take it out of the box and the first thing you will notice is that it’s not the lightest tablet out there, coming in 376g, which is a third heavier then the new Nexus 7. It has a rubberised back making it easier to hold and is nicely designed with a pair of matching speakers. I just wish they had not printed a white Tesco logo under the stylish Hudl one that is moulded into the case as it just cheapens the overall look.

Tesco Hudl Tablet

Tesco Hudl Tablet

The screen of the Hudl is surrounded by a thick black glossy bezel which makes the tablet look a tad chunky, but the display itself is superb for the money and manages to cram in a 1,440 x 900 resolution, which is more than adequate for watching movies in full HD. The rest of the spec is equally impressive with a Rockchip 1.5GHz quad-core processor and Mali 400MP GPU splutter, and ok it may not handle the latest games, but can easily cope with anything else you want to throw at it.

Tesco has also brought out a range of accessories too, with a rubberised case that doubles up as a stand for £15, but the extra weight takes the tablet up to nearly 500g, which may become uncomfortable after long periods of time. The Hudl runs on stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and even though it comes pre-installed with a load of Tesco-related widgets on the home screen, these can easily be deleted (Pity the same can’t be said for the Tesco icon in the bottom left hand corner).

If you are looking for a tablet to keep the kids amused, surf the net and play a few basic games such as Candy Crush, you really can’t go far wrong with the Hudl. What could make all the difference though, is the fact that it is included in their Clubcard Boost scheme, which allows you to swap every £5 worth of vouchers for £10 worth of products. This basically means you can buy the tablet for only £60 worth of Tesco Clubcard vouchers, making it the bargain of the year!


2 thoughts on “Tesco Launch a Tablet

  1. Finally! A basic, functional tablet that can stand it’s own against the kids (who both want an “iPad” for Christmas mind you). Especially with the thicker frame around the screen, I could feel comfortable purchasing one of these for them with the assurance it won’t break in a month. Or if it does, at least it was at the right price, right?

  2. Exactly, it will do anything young kids needs and there are load of fun, educational apps in the Play store. For added protection, get one of the rubber case, so if they do drop it, it’s more likely to survive. There are tablets specifically aimed at kids but the cost of them is ridiculous. As you say, if they are going to drop something, it’s better a £120 tablet then a £450 one lol

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