Doctor Who Google Doodle Walkthrough

For those of you that do not know (what universe have you been living in?), this weekend marks the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. The iconic British show first aired on November 23rd, 1963 and is the longest running science fiction program. Over the past fifty years, over 800 episodes have been broadcast to over forty countries. This weekends ‘Day of the Doctor’ though is going to smash that record as it is going to be shown simultaneously in seventy five countries on TV screens and in the cinema! If you can’t wait that long for a bit of sci-fi fun though, make your way over to Google because they have an awesome Doctor Who Google Doodle game!

The page starts with a simple graphic of the eleven cute doctors in all of their pixelated glory. Click on the play button though and a Dalek appears and steals the Google logo. You can then choose which one of the Doctors you want to start off playing with. The idea of the game is simple, using the arrow keys or point and click with your mouse to move the Doctor, avoid the enemies, solve the problems and collect the letters. If you get stuck though, don’t worry as I have done all of the hard work for you!

Doctor Who Google Doodle

Doctor Who Google Doodle

Level One – Factory

  1. Come out of the TARDIS, walk right and flick the switch which activates a moving platform.
  2. Make your way to the platform and ride it down
  3. Look for the switch to the right
  4. Follow the Dalek around (I found this the easiest way to avoid them)
  5. Collect the ‘G’ and make your way back to the TARDIS

Level Two – Alien Planet

  1. Make your way on to the first moving block
  2. Ride it to the island
  3. As soon as the Dalek passes, make your way on to the second moving block but be quick
  4. Follow the path and get as close as you can to the Dalek going around in circles
  5. As soon as he passes, follow him around and make your way up the ladder
  6. Collect the ‘O’ and make your way back to the TARDIS

Level Three – London

  1. Flick the switch nearest to you, this will raise a gate you will need to go through later
  2. Follow the first Cyberman around the path, flick the second switch to lower the bridge and dive to the left where you will be safe
  3. Wait for the second Cyberman to walk up the path, run past him and make your way across the bridge
  4. Follow the third Cyberman around in a circle and flick the third switch as this floats your TARDIS down the Thames
  5. Go through the gate in the grey building and collect your second ‘O’
  6. Avoid the Cyberman and jump in the TARDIS on the barge

Level Four – Graveyard

  1. Timing is the key here to run past all the Daleks and activate the first switch
  2. This will open a gate where the second letter ‘G’ is hiding
  3. Make your way through the gate and collect the letter – simple!
  4. Maybe not, because as soon as you collect it, out jumps a Weeping Angel
  5. Stand still for too long and she will block your path and kill you
  6. Keep moving and make your way back to the TARDIS

Level Five – Dalek Spaceship

  1. The floor is marked out in squares, use these as your guide
  2. The first section is easy, between each row of killer floor panels is one gap
  3. Time it so you move into the space as the killer floor panels pass you
  4. Pass them and flick the switch to the right to deactivate the barrier around the next letter
  5. Collect the letter ‘L’ and stay perfectly still as suddenly you will have killer floor panels coming at you from all directions
  6. Move carefully along the line you are on, once again timing it so you move into the spaces as the killer floor panels pass you
  7. Once you are level with the next switch, do the same again to move towards it
  8. Flicking the switch kills the yellow Dalek and revels your final letter
  9. Avoid the killer floor panels and pick up the letter ‘E’
  10. All of the killer floor panels speed up so once again timing is the key
  11. Stay on the row you are on and work back towards the TARDIS until you are level with the row the first switch is on
  12. Work your way back up to the switch and you will find you only have one row of killer floor panels to contend with
  13. Make your way to the safety of the TARDIS

The game is now complete and you have saved Google!

I absolutely love this game and the basic graphics are reminiscent of the low budget special effect that made the show famous. If you get killed along the way, don’t worry as you simply regenerate into the next Doctor and if you manage to go through all eleven, you will go straight back to the one you started with.


14 thoughts on “Doctor Who Google Doodle Walkthrough

  1. Level Two – Alien Planet Before you make your way to the rock go to the blue egg. Take it.
    When you get to the pterodactyl’s nest and take the letter O the dinosaur will grab you and fly you home!
    Level Four – Graveyard That Weeping Angel causes my doctors to regenerate several times. My best advice is same as Oswin’s “Run you clever boy.”

    • Well spotted on the the blue egg, I missed that completely and as you say the best way to avoid the Weeping Angel is just to keep moving. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips. I don’t play video games, but once I started this I wanted to try to finish. Only took me about 20 minutes longer than franthony. 🙂

  3. Super fun. Love the graphics, and great tip on the pterodactyl egg. Reminded me a bit of Lode Runner, which I had a Mac version of about ten years ago. Maybe it was Lode Runner 2. Weird game, evil monks, couldn’t stop playing. Question: what is your favourite PS3 game? I’ve been playing Infamous for the second time, trying to be as evil as possible. It’s one of my favourite games. I recently bought Infamous 2, so I have a lot of playing ahead of me. It helps to be a few years behind game releases. I save a lot of money playing ancient games. 🙂 Are you getting PS4?

    • I love my racing games and my Lego games, I have just bought the new Lego Marvel Super Heroes but not had chance to play it yet. I really don’t have much time for gaming at the moment so can’t justify the expense of the PS4, give it six months and a few price drops though and I may be tempted!

  4. This is so great – I got stuck with the weeping angel and couldn’t figure out why she kept zapping me! I’m dying (sic) to play the game again.. but google have archived the Whoodle but it doesn’t seem active any more. Can you still play it? Many thanks, from Canada!

    • Glad I helped Anna, with the Weeping Angel just move as fast as you can to avoid her! Google keep an archive of every Google Doodle they have ever made and luckily you can still play them

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